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Tobb Technologies


Tobb's objective is to add value, cut cost and bring efficiency to organisation's value chain.


Create effective partnerships with customer driven companies whose services complement Tobb's services or whose services are complemented by Tobb's services. This is a holistic approach to customer service.

Tobb Technologies

About Tobb

We strive for excellence, integrity, honest, hardwork and good customer service.

Tobb has been offering IT Solutions world wide since 2006 when it was formally known as Now IT Wiz. Founder is Bernard Sibanda (B.Tech, Bsc Computing, MCP, CompTIA) but directors and key share holders are 3 women, 2 of whom are IT Specialists graduates. Although Tobb is a BEEE company, the services offered have no boundaries.

Tobb offers internships to IT graduates from different South African Universities.

The growth of Tobb is not only owed to good and loyal customers but to these companies as well: Mosekate, Givenchy, Colarite Training Academy, UNISA, PNLT, Royal Crew SA, Desktop Expansion, friends and relatives.

For 3 years or so Tobb worked on computer architecture: Building and Repairs in Johannesburg.

For 4 years Tobb installed more than 15 different LANS.

Since 2011 upto date Tobb services are mostly Software Solutions to Schools, Hospitals, organizations and Individuals. Tobb implements a skinned down version of Agile Software Development. This makes the company adapt very quickly to changing Technologies. Tobb has developed and implemented Windows, Distributed, Web and Mobile Solutions since 2006.

Open Source Tools

For Tobb, programming languages are not an end in themselves but means to an end. This is why the company is flexible, learns and implements any language which either reduces costs or deliver quick results:The following list categories of languages have been used since 2006: Interpreted Programming Languages, Compiled Programming Languages, Procedural Programming Languages, Scripting Programming Languages, And Object-Oriented Programming Languages

Tobb employs open source tools to cut cost and deliver high end customer solutions. It is beacuse of the broad community support Open Source tools have. These tools have been tried and tested by thousands of developers in different communities.
Tobb adheres to best practises of Software Design as outlined in the Gang of Four: Design Patterns. This eliminates unnecessary repeatations, common mistakes, and ensures quality.
We implement our own version of Test Driven Development which quickens the process of development without sacrificing quality.

Open Source
Design Patterns

Freelance Programming

Working on freelance programming has made it possible for Tobb to service any project in any language anywhere in the world. We do and complete the project online for anyone, anywhere and anytime.
Because Tobb is not only a registered and regulated IT consulting company, it is a professional software engineering company born from a family of graduate IT professionals.
Not only are qualified IT consultants, we are also highly experienced in software development. You will not fully comprehend this unless or until you consult with Tobb. We have been in the IT game since 2006.

Tobb Technologies

How It Works

1. Freelancing your development project of job starts when We and You conclude what is called project specifications. This stages is when you will know what Tobb will deliver and how much you will pay.

2. Tobb uses Agile method to develop your project. This means you are part and parcel of the development process. This way, your project will not fail because all mistakes are solved early when they appear. This not only improves relationships but also broadens your understanding of software development processes.

3. Tobb not only Consult: meaning we do not only develop your solution, we host and support it. This way, no project fails with Tobb because we have extensive resources and we are self reliant.
Tobb has been with highend VPS and will soon be on a dedicated server : 1000GB SSD space, with 16GB RAM, running Xeon server processors

4. We use escrew services for remote clients. What is escrew? A reputable company like PeoplePerHour holds your funds until Tobb delivers your project to you. This safe guards you from being robbed or cheated.

5. You get huge discounts for repeat projects.

6. Its high time now you get to the Top with Tobb Technologies.

Submit your project

Tobb develops software, customises software, consult on web and mobile technologies not only for end users, but for Software Development companies too. We easy your heavy load. We can review and recommend. We always respect your IP and always sign and tick to NDA or MOU.

Email your project to,, or send a direct whatsapp to +731820631

Portfolio and Comprehensive CV of Founder

For founder resume click here

The image below shows various technologies and Tobb has worked with most of them and is learning others, so as to deliver quality products to all types of customers.

Design Patterns

Job Seekers and Partnerships

Tobb strives to work satisfactorily with all kinds of people without any form of discrimination.
All our affirmative policies like gender balance, graduate internships and BBEEE do not override our global policy to work and service people from all walks of life. We believe in equal opportunities, equal treatment and fairness to all.Whoever you are, at Tobb you will always feel at home.


Bridge the digital divided nation through provision of quality, affordable and sustainable IT services and products.

Core Values

•Tobbs’ values are to forever know that the customer comes first. •Reduce unemployment •Develop quality products and offer best services •Empower women in IT Tobb logo

Solutions Tobb offers

•Network Engineering •System Software development •Android, iOS, Windows apps •Websites •Hardware •Hosting, SEO-Search Engine Optimizations •Optimizations, Domain Hosting, And so many more

Hardware and Network Components

Since 2006 computer architecture and networking have been part and parcel of our IT Solutions




We supply and upgrade computers, servers old and new. We recycle old computers and even give them new use when they are deemed obsolete. You will not believe when we tell you that there is always commercial use for old equipment. We can also help dispose your none needed old computers free of charge.



Tobb supplies, repairs and upgrades laptops at affordable prices. We give warranties and guarantees on what we supply. Consult us for Laptops best specifications.



We have installed and upgraded up to 15 different intranets. Our support for network is very good.

Network Components

Network Components

We supply and fit network components in any organization



We partner with reliable companies to supply and upgrade your organizational tablets.


Mobile Devices

Tobb supplies and upgrades these devices via credible and reliable partner companies.

Tobb Portfolio

Below are works we have accomplished with different organizations.

Add yours to the list by giving us at least One Job!

Our Services

Information And Communication Technologies

We are a One Stop Shop for all Web & Mobile Services

Always ask us questions: The difficulty your questions are the happier we are to help empower you. Write to us or send us whatsapp with a reference of the service you have a problem with. See below list of services.

IT Consulting Services

For you to know your IT needs consult with Tobb. Technology changes quickly. Since 2006 we have been assisting organizations cut cost and add value to their supply chain through IT solutions. We specialize in Software Engineering:

Code: Web Applications

ECW4 : E-Commerce / Online Shops website
LMS1 : Learning Management System
RS22 : RSS web application
MU23 : Music web application
VI24 : Video web application
PL25 : Property Listings and Sales Application
VS26 : Vehicles Sales Application
OS27 : Online Store Application
OA28 : Custom Online Applications
WA29 : Custom web application
MA30 : android,iOS,Windows Applications
CR31 : CRM Applications
ER32 : ERP Applications
SL33 : SLA Application
OG34 : Online Games Application
PS35 : Polls and Surveys Application
FM36 : File Management Application
PM37 : Project Management Application
CS38 : Customer Support Application
ID39 : Inventory and Database Application
WA40 : Windows Applications
DA41 : Distributed Applications
DA42 : Database Applications
JM43 : Joomla Websites
WP44 : Word Press Websites
DP45 : Drupal Websites
AWS5 : Amazon Webservices
DO46 : Digital Ocean Solutions

Websites, Hostings

We register any domain name very quickly and host it cheaply. Web apps powered by Mysql & PHP including business portals, e-commerce, dynamic Content Management Systems are hosted and supported by Tobb quickly, inexpensively. The list below gives one a clear idea of what we support:

Code : Service

DR001 : domain registration
WH002 : hosting
SP013 : basic : single page
S5014 : standard : 5 page Home, About, Services/Products, Contact Us
DW015 : dynamic : Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento
SN016 : social : Forum, Blog, Tutorial, Social Media,
CS017 : commercial simple : simple online store payments: EFT, Bank, Cash
OS018 : organizational static : static content but national
OD19 : organizational dynamic : dynamic content national or international
CA20 : commercial advanced : internet payments
CB21 : commercial bidding or reverse bidding
WE005 : emails
SE006 : SEO
LD007 : logo design
GD009 : graphic design
PG010 : photo gallary
CS003 : cloud solutions
VO004 : virtual office
BU008 : backups
CP011 : web mastering : CPanel services

Storage & Cloud

Data and Information used to be stored in one computer in an office but now that is no longer the case: Store your data and information safely on the cloud through Tobb Cloud and Storage services:
You can access it anytime and anywhere you are.
We back it up daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.
We archive it at a cost you can afford.

Web Mastering, Optimizations(SEO) & Support

Putting your organization online also requires 24/7 support. We also assist your company be searchable online using Search Engine Optimization Tools. We always run 24/7 ticketing system, chat systems, mailing list, blogging and other forms of communications to help you reach all your customers world wide.

Onsite Training

Hire us to train your staff onsite or online to be always upgrading them on IT trends, changes and new technology skills. This helps your stay competitive and to make your staff productive.

Process Flow & Design & Integrations

These are services we give organizations to help them manage many different applications from different vendors. We assist in your process flow re-engineering to accommodate your IT needs, give your classical and effective design solutions. At the heart of our service is to find for you long term efficiency at a lower cost. Believe me, getting the right IT solution and Design for your organization is not like purchasing office furniture. Instead it is a moving target cause by daily changing technologies.

Hosting Plans

Contact Information

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